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It’s time for a smarter dealer website.

Is your website really helping you sell more cars? Isn’t it time your website gave you more than SRP to VDP conversions? Would you like to know how customers are interacting with your website? How often they’re clicking through photos, scrolling down the page or clicking to read the vehicle descriptions? What if you knew how often someone started to submit a lead on a vehicle, only to back out and never clicked send? What if you knew the path they took on your site before they viewed that vehicle?


You would view your inventory differently. You’d understand the behavior of the shopper, and how they are reacting to your vehicles. You would know which vehicles your prospects are engaging with more often? Which forms are abandoned and costing you lost leads. You would be able to identify problems quicker and solve them before inventory aged.


Here is what you’ll get from most website providers : How many VDP views each vehicle had; maybe how much time was spent on the vehicles. And that’s about it.


Here is what you’ll get from us : How engaged were people with the vehicles? Did they view the photos? Did they start to fill out a lead form? Did they click the click-to-call links? Did they send a text message?

And more importantly, we will show you how different vendors rank in driving engaged traffic. Sure, that low cost vendor might be driving some traffic, but are they actually engaging with your website? Or are they just bouncing off the home page?


Dealer Insights websites puts you in control and gives you a smarter website that delivers a competitive advantage to you.