Dealer Insights | The Business Intelligence Platform for Car Dealers
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The Business Intelligence
For Car Dealers

Increase the ROI on your
marketing spend


Hold your digital vendors


Improve lead conversion


Strengthen your digital

Tired of spending hours compiling stacks of reports to calculate your ROI?

Knowing what’s working at your dealership shouldn’t require pencils, erasers, an advanced degree in statistics, a calculator, and 3 cups of coffee.


What if one piece of software compared the results of ALL of your digital advertising?
Shouldn’t it be easy to know exactly where you stand?

Now it is, with Dealer Insights.

All of your data. All in one place.

Put Your Marketing Spend
Where It’s Most Effective

Your Money Matters.
Which digital advertising channels are driving more leads? More VDP views? More phone calls? Which mediums are the most cost effective at bringing in leads that sell more cars?

Dealer Insights provides you with powerful information so you can quickly and easily see which vendors and which digital mediums are working the best for you, dollar-for-dollar. No more guessing. No more spending hours trying to calculate what’s working, just the information you need to make decisions, right at your fingertips.


Demand Results
From Your Digital Vendors


Many digital vendors are full of hot air. They will show you all of their reports and tell you how great they are doing for you. They’ll tell you the only way you could be doing better, is to spend more money with them on more advertising. Many dealers end up being held hostage, afraid to make changes because they aren’t able to evaluate the impact a vendor has on their sales.





Dealer Insights gathers and evaluates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from each of your digital vendors, let’s you compare them side by side in a format that’s easy to understand, and alerts you when they aren’t measuring up to your expectations.

Keep An Eye on Your Competition,
and You’ll Always Stay Ahead

PriceScope – New Car Pricing
Pricing drives new car shoppers to take action. Losing customers to other dealers over advertised price should never be an option. We’ll show you their most recent price changes, so you can make adjustments to drive customers to your showroom.


Know Your Shoppers,

Increase your Sales

What if you knew what every visitor on your website was doing? What if you were alerted every time a cold lead returned to your website to shop for vehicles again?


Dealer Insight’s powerful EyeSite tool will track your website visitors and provide you with any public social profile information on your leads. When a cold lead has returned to your website and begins shopping for cars, Dealer Insights will notify you via text or email and show you the their complete browsing history on your site. The more you know about your shoppers and their needs, the more likely they are to become customers.


with your customers

Your online reputation is everything.


How you earn it, that’s your business.


How you protect it, that’s our business.


The OverSite tool from Dealer Insights allows a dealer to efficiently engage every customer to get reviews, alerts a dealer of unhappy customers, and monitors the major review sites and alerts a dealer if their rating changes.



Featured Dealers

We work with various franchise stores and independent dealerships.
We’d like to work with you, too.

We know technology
We know the car business

Mark and Zach have combined a diverse background in technology, marketing and the automotive business into building Dealer Insights, the most comprehensive and agile business intelligence platform for car dealers. Mark has over 20 years of software engineering experience and has founded several software companies in the automotive space. Zach brings over a decade of hands-on experience as an entrepreneur along with dealership retail/wholesale management, and automotive operations experience.


In 2015, Mark and Zach set out to combine their knowledge into the best business intelligence platform for car dealers. Today, they’re delivering that platform.